As a result of this project, the following tools will be generated:

  • A guide of competences that social entrepreneurs in rural areas should work on.
  • A self-diagnostic tool that allows young people in rural areas to measure their competences related to social entrepreneurship.
  • A virtual training environment (MOOC) and a series of training contents and games to provide young people with relevant knowledge on social entrepreneurship.
  • The ruraLAB platform will be created, which will allow the registration of young people in rural areas and, on the other hand, of social enterprises or young social entrepreneurs in urban areas, thus favouring the exchange of ideas and microinvestments in businesses of the young rural participants.
  • Development of a guide on the ruraLAB dynamic so that it can be disseminated and replicated by youth associations and town councils.
  • Development of a guide focused on policity makers to set up digital rural hubs that are the backbone of change in rural areas, giving support to young rural entrepreneurs in relation to their business ideas.

R1. Definition of ruraLAB Competences Profile and self-assessment tool

R2. Toolkit and MOOC

R3. ruraLAB platform

R4. Guides about ruraLAB dynamic and digital rural hubs