Social entrepreneurs are business people who, in addition to having a business vision, dream of making positive changes in society and the planet. Nowadays, young people are increasingly coming together to develop socially responsible activities in their companies, schools and communities. Take note of these tips to be a successful social entrepreneur.


1. Go beyond the illusion
Sometimes a social entrepreneur has the illusion of starting with his or her idea, but he or she needs to make his or her initiative sustainable.

To be self-sustainable, you have to understand the direction your venture will take and generate business opportunities.

2. Put passion into things
A social entrepreneur is an agent of change and requires "tons" of passion, so that his or her idea prospers over time and can face eventualities.

Passion is also about not waiting for the world to fix itself, but changing it in a positive and passionate way.


3. Become a team player
Don't neglect teamwork in your social enterprise. You can learn from the experience of others.

4. Banish negative emotions
These are emotions that can paralyse you, affecting your social enterprise. These are: apathy, laziness, defeat. An entrepreneur has to know how to overcome frustration.